If you have a large pile of QSL cards to complete this just might be the answer to your prayers. We can automatically populate your QSO boxes from details extracted from your computer logging software.

The cost? - A one-off setup fee of £15.00 per order. It makes no difference whether you have 500 or 5000 cards to print, the £15.00 fee is the same for any quantity. The details are printed to match your chosen QSO box layout (single or double sided design) not just randomly printed in an area of white space.

We accept computer generated logs in most database formats but prefer ADIF, Cabrillo or comma delimited (CSV).

Want to give it a try? - When placing your order you will be offered the option to print merge. Tick the 'Yes' box and you'll be prompted to upload your prepared computer log and the £15.00 will automatically be added to your shopping basket. If your file is not ready at that point, you can upload it later via our uploads page.

Some like completing cards, others don't. Now you have the option - A new service from fds

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